Post Production

During my junior year of high school, I learned how to edit in a video class using Adobe Premiere. By the end of that year, I'd taught myself Final Cut Pro and began making my own short films, many of which I edited myself. I continued to edit all through college as well as working as a Final Cut Pro instructor at a computer lab on campus.

While my ultimate goals are writing and directing, I started getting work in post production shortly after moving to LA. From assistant editing to online editing to editing, I've worked an a large variety of projects from reality TV to documentaries, to web series to short films, to DVD special features and so on. I recently did a long stint editing in the marketing department for Apple in Cupertino. Click here to see my full resume or check out some of my samples, below.

Post Production Supervisor, Folk Hero and Funny Guy

Post Production Supervisor, Heaven Sent - 2015, Cantina Entertainment

Post Production Supervisor, Director's Cut - 2015 - Make Penn Bad Productions

Post Production Supervisor, After the Reality - 2015 - USofAnderson Productions

Post Production Supervisor, Tesla and Twain - 2015 - Rival Pictures

Post Production Supervisor, Higher Power - 2014 - Break Media, Feature Film

Post Production Supervisor, Tesla and Twain - 2014 - NBC/Universal

Post Production Supervisor, Space Station 76 - 2014 - Sony Pictures, Feature Film

Editor, On Campus Media - 2013 - Educational content for schools, K-12

Post Production Supervisor, Mortified Nation - 2013 - Feature Documentary, Dir. Michael Mayer

Editor, Break Media - 2013 - Present

Editor, Game of Girls, Comedic Trailer Mash-up

Editor, Gulp by Mary Roach Book Trailer, 2013

Editor, DVD/Blu-ray Special Features, - Ongoing - Mirage Entertainment

Editor, The Dudesons Do Gumball 3000 - 2012 - Web Series,

Editor, Frienamies Round 2: New Guy - 2011 - exclusive

Editor, Dick Elves - 2011 - exlusive

Editor, FOX Digital - 2011 - Series Development

Editor, Who Will You Run To? - 2010 - Music Video for the band Beauty Supply

Editor, Apple Inc., - October 2008 to October 2009 - Tech Company Marketing Department

Editor, Generate - March, 2008 to October 2008 - Production Company

Online Editor, Cities of the Underworld - 2008 - History Channel

Online Editor, Clinically Wild: Alaska - 2008 -  Animal Planet

Online Editor, My First Home - 2008 - Bravo

Lead Assistant Editor, Making Menudo - 2007 -  MTV

Editor, 106 and Park - 2007BET

Motion Graphics, Saul of the Mole Men - 2007 - Cartoon Network

Lead AE/Graphics, The Andy Milonakis Show, 2007 - MTV2

Editor, Trailer Editor - 2006 - Loins Gate Films Home Video Department

Editor, The Greatest Unknown - 2006 - Short Subject Documentary, Dir. Zach Hart

Editor, Contradiction Fiction - 2005 - Short Film, Dir. Zach Hart

Editor, Bingo Bus - 2004 - Short Subject Documentary, Dir. Andy Jurgensen

Editor, Play War - 2004 - Short Film Dir. Robert Jones

Editor, Can’t You See? - 2004 - Short Film Dir. Alex Koehne