An unintended side effect of buying myself a video camera to make my own short films was the onslaught of friends and colleagues wanting to use it, along with me operating it. I found very quickly that I had a natural ability to light and compose shots and very quickly fell in love with doing just that. Over the years, I have shot on many formats of film, video and digital media. From gaffing to camera operating, to running entire camera departments, I have learned a great deal about all of the related equipement and formats and continue to explore still and moving image capture as often as I can. 

Director of Photography, Frienamies Round 2: New Guy - 2011 - exclusive

Director of Photography, Dick Elves - 2012 - Funny or Die Exclusive

Director of Photography, Point Dume - 2009 - Web Series

Camera Operator, Republicrats, - 2008

Gaffer/Camera Operator, Lobster Suit - 2007 -

Director of Photography, STOP IT! - 2007 -

Camera Operator, Bus Pirates Eps. 4, 5 - 2007 - Web Series

Camera Operator, Coruso Development - 2007 - Commercial

Gaffer/Camera Operator, Whiskers - 2007 -

Gaffer/Camera Operator, The Littlest Panther - 2007 -

Cinematographer, The Greatest Unknown - 2006 - Short Subject Documentary

Director of Photography, Martial Arts America  - 2005 - Commercial

Camera Operator, Bingo Bus - 2004 - Short Subject Documentary

Cinematographer, Play War - 2004 - Short Film

Cinematographer, Can’t You See? - 2004 - Short Film

1st Assistant Camera Operator, Brainstorm Films - 2003 -  Corporate Commercials