The Special Effects of Game of Thrones

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Very cool. I love how many real locations and how much practical lighting was used. The majority of the effects are set extensions and little more. I think doing effects this way is important for really grounding fantasy and making it feel real. The less green screen and CG the better! By the way, there are spoilers in here so if you haven't watched the series, what's wrong with you? I mean, go watch it and then report back.

Cops: Dunkin' Donuts worker sold sex on breaks

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I've always heard they had good coffee but this must've been on the secret menu. I wonder what you get if you ask for it animal style?

This happened in New Jersey. The investigation was code named "Extra Sugar". That's all the information you need. If you want more though click this link right here

A short history of CG characters in movies

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There is nothing new in the documentary that I couldn't have told off the top of my head - but it is fun seeing clips from both the movies and the behind the scenes, making ofs all cut together, back to back. Ben Burtt made a documentary for IMAX theaters called Special Effects: Anything Can Happen about 15 years ago. I'd love to see a follow up to that. Ultra high resolution clips of these advances would be very cool to see - especially when shown how they work with practical effects, models and on set trickery.

The Government Will Pay Doctors $44,000 to Use an iPad

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via Gizmodo: The Obama administration strongly desires that all medical records be electronic. There's a much-lauded app called drchrono for the iPad which can make that transition happen. Logically, the government will toss up to $44,000 to any doctor willing to use it.

According to paperless medical records could save $80 billion a year, which explains why the government is willing to spend $19.2 billion on jump starting the transition.

Kind of an expensive way to incentivize, but hey, if it helps bring our medical system into the modern day, I'm all for it. I just hope these apps quickly go cross platfrom and aren't just iPad specific.

The power of a tweet

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I was seeing this all over facebook the other day. It was exasperated exclamations about there being a ridiculous amount of traffic in Hollywood due to some sort of riot. CBS News has the explanation. A DJ featured in a documentary about the Electric Daisy Carnival was at the premier at Mann's Chinese Theater. He tweeted, "Today(at)6pm in Hollywood (at)Mann's Chinese Theatre. ME+BIG SPEAKERS+MUSIC(equals)BLOCK PARTY!!! RT!" and then chaos ensued. So now you know.

Why Newspapers Suck at the Internet

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Gizmodo has a great little piece on why newspapers are seen as "old media". There is a documentary I saw a while ago about The New York Times called Page One which is well worth checking out. It deals a lot with the issues of internet, new media, piracy, the importance to "traditional journalism". What they completely miss though is people aren't anti-traditional reporting. It's the way that it's presented. I visit The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times every morning but their sites suck. They are confusing, chaotic, and a mess. I rarely spend much time on them because they are not conducive to a good, browsing experience.

I would gladly pay if their sites were awesome, but since their content is presented elsewhere, much better, and free, why would I pay for their shit site? I absolutely want there to be big institutions that are trustworthy and that have the money and clout to do what only companies like these can do - but if they don't want me getting that news via blogs and aggregators, make a good fucking website. Even though I try and go to their sites and support them, I end up getting very little out of it because they are trying to cram an old design paradigm into a new medium and it just doesn't work. This little comic does a very good job of summing up many of the major reasons why.

Netflix Relief Fund with Jason Alexander

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As far as I'm concerned, all this uproar over Netflix is impressively silly. All because of $6 a month, people are up in arms, saying they are going to quit. It's absurd. Six bucks is the cost of a frickin' latte, these days. It's nothing. The service they are offering is amazing. It has revolutionized the way we consume content and is getting better all the time. Most people signed up for 'just discs' and the streaming service was an added bonus. In the last few years, that service has grown into it's own and now people expect it.

Splitting it into two services makes sense because what it'll ultimately do is push people away from discs and more into streaming. It costs Netflix 3 cents to stream a movie but 75 to ship it. The more money they save on shipping, the more they can make content deals for streaming. It will only get better and it is the future. It's what we all want. Everything, in HD, on demand, anywhere, any time. For me, 6 bucks is worth it. Who still buys DVDs? Think of the money having Watch Instantly has saved you on buying disks and renting them in stores? They see this, why can't everyone else? It's obvious.

OK Go All is Not Lost Music Video

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Like all OK Go videos, this one is a remarkable feat of coordination, planning and choreography. It is clever, different and creative. In this case though, it's also kinda boring. Even their best songs aren't that amazing, but their better songs, along with much more interesting videos were a force to be reckoned with. This feels a little bit like it's scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Or maybe I'm just put off by all that taint.