Google+ to surpass 10 million users?

Added on by Alex Koehne.

Google+ is growing rapidly and for the first time since it's debut, there might just be a "facebook killer." I don't necessarily have anything against Facebook but I like Google a hell of a lot more. Already, I can see a lot of potential in this brand new service.

Circles is essentially what I've been hoping would come out for Facebook for years. By basing your friend groups around categories that are easy to organize - and by making it extremely easy to choose who will see what you post - Google+ could easily replace people's facebook pages, fan pages, twitter foursquare, etc. Being able to chose whether your family or coworkers will see those pictures from last weekend is going to be key. At the very least, it's offering up some solid competition for all of these other services and that's always a good thing.

Besides Circles, the picture sharing looks a hell of a lot better than photos do on Facebook. The layout and design are much more contemporary and the numerous, but unobtrusive ways to communicate are potentially awesome. Finally, privacy is already much more at the forefront than it has ever been on Facebook. Of course, it still needs things like events and groups to out Facebook, Facebook, but I'm sure those are on the way.

I almost never use Google Docs. I don't use Google calendars or Picasa or even the web interface for gmail - but I'm about to start. This is definitely a brilliant (and most likely necessary) move by Google to stay relevant and to create the hub they have been trying to create with Chrome and Android - which until now only worked in theory.

And I'm clearly not the only one excited (and not daunted) by this new social networking service. The number are growing fast - according to this article at gizmodo - and it's looking like there is no sign of slowing down, one bit.

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