Werner Herzog on Colbert

Added on by Alex Koehne.

I've always had a problem with Werner Herzog and his movies - especially his documentaries. I find him to be pompous and presumptious. Not only does he put words in people's mouths and thoughts in their brain, but he presents it as truth. It's never, "I believe he is thinking such and such," but instead it's always, "He is saying this, but he is thinking such and such." Not only that, but he add drama in a way that I find very fabricated. To that end, I often find his voice over distracting and it greatly takes away from the otherwise really interesting films about facinating people and subjects.

All that being said, it's nice to hear him talk candidly about the way he does things. I always exquated him with the likes of Errol Morris - a very serious documentarion with high standards and codes of ethics. Clearly Herzog is more of a Michael Moore. He is a showman with a sense of humor. Michael Moore is overt with his antics but Hetzog plays the part of someone who takes themselves way too seriously, way too well. With this in mind, maybe I'll enjoy his movies more.