Movie Pass - Like Netflix but for movie theaters

Added on by Alex Koehne.

A subscription service for movie theaters - why hasn't this been done before? It's brilliant. With movies costing way too much these days, if I could pay a flat rate, I would certainly go out to movies much more often and I'd see movies in theaters many more times. Film makers should really embrace this.

I bet, just like Netflix, there would be some people who would over use it, but there would be many more who would end up going less but still paying for the service. Theaters would make good money off this - and for the avid movie goes, I bet they would spend more on concessions because it'll be easier to justify that cost - and that's where theaters really make their money anyway. It's only in San Francisco right now and costs $50 a month. I'm keeping an eye on this one! Read all the details at Wired