HDR video camera

Added on by Alex Koehne.

AMP Digital Video from Mike Tocci on Vimeo.


Honestly, I don't get this whole HDR craze. To me, these high dynamic range images (and now video) look flat, ugly, cheap and fake. If everything is properly exposed, where is the artistry in lighting (both found and designed)? Contrast can be beautiful. Exposure can focus the viewer's eyes on the subject that the artist is trying to highlight.

If the idea is to capture images with full detail in the lights and darks like the human eye can, I think the focus should be on high resolution screens that can display detail in the lightest and darkest regions. This is one of the things that film still does extremely well over digital and why projecting film or viewing prints made in a dark room can still be superior in a lot of cases. The gap is closing, to be sure, but HDR is not the solution as far as I'm concerned. Except in very few, specific cases, HDR looks like a silly photoshop filter.

What do you guys think of HDR? Is it a passing craze? Do you like it? Am I missing something?