Volkswagen Shows Off Self-Driving Auto Pilot Technology For Cars

Added on by Alex Koehne.

I am a big proponent of self driving cars. Study after study and test after test show that despite all the fears people have about autonomously driving cars, they are insanely safer than human drivers - and that's just now, in early versions of the tech.

While I think that public transit is ultimately the way to go, we still live in a world where having a car is key - especially in places like LA. To be able to head out to party in Santa Monica and not have to worry about getting home safely would be phenomenal. To be able to drive up to San Francisco and read a book the whole way, enjoy the view, chat with friends, etc would also be amazing. Drunk driving incidents would go away, as would the vast majority of fender benders and other accidents.

Either way, this is coming people, so get excited or scared but this news shows that it is all the more imminent. It's not just Google experimenting and Ford making self parking cars. Read more here.