One of these things is not like the other

Added on by Alex Koehne.

Watch the video. Did you watch it? Good. Glad you could spare the 15 seconds that took. Now, can you tell me what is different (or exactly the same) about one of the featured girls? Read on to see the answer.
Hello. Welcome to the other side of the break. Did you guess that one of the girls in the video is actually a CG composite of all the "best" features of the rest of the group? No? Me either. Her name is Eguchi Aimi.
The first video is a commercial featuring a popular girl "band" in Japan called AKB48. Clever name for a band, huh?
Apparently, it was just revealed over there that one of the members of the group is not all that her fans thought she was. Her fans are going apeshit! This is kind of like that not very good movie Simone in which Al Pachino over acts. And there is a CG character that the public thinks is real.
Here's a little video about how they do it.