This Blog is a Month Old!

Added on by Alex Koehne.

Thanks everyone who has been checking out this little side project of mine. I've been hearing nothing but positive (although sparse) feedback and want to keep that trend going. I have been making little tweeks recently (got rid of the distracting "contact me" sidebar from the blog page for instance) and have been trying to refine the design and layout a bit. As you can see, it is very basic. I am going for minimalist to start and will slowly add design elements as I go.

Now after a month, I'd love to hear some more direct feedback. Please leave comments on this post or contact me directly. One thing I want to try and determine is how many people come here regularly and who you are. I post daily and my hope is this becomes part of everyone's daily rotation. To do that, it needs to serve a function that other sites don't. I think that the benefit here is that I cull from the 20+ sites I read regularly and post the most interesting or funny things I find each day. Since I have the time to do this these days, that seems like a valuable bit of internet curation. On top of that, I enjoy writing up my thoughts and commentary when appropriate and I think at least a few of you out there enjoy reading it.

What else do you like? What do you not? Too many environmental stories? Too few funny videos? Do I write too much (probably) or too little? Does anyone actually read my Monday Rants? Please fill me in on what you want more of, and less of, so I can make this site better for you all. Thanks!