The Inspiration For the Yellow Brick Road Has Been Found

Added on by Alex Koehne.

From The Wall Street Journal: "PEEKSKILL, N.Y.—In "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," the yellow brick road leads to happiness. In this Hudson River town, it ends in a parking lot.

For close to a decade, city historian John Curran has been waging an uphill battle to preserve a collection of crumbling golden bricks tucked near a commuter railroad station here that he believes inspired the yellow brick road in L. Frank Baum's famous children's novel and in the movie classic based on it."

While it is fun to see what sorts of things inspire art, design and story telling - these things tend to seem rather insignificant to me. It's like this obsession with finding all the information about the woman depicted in The Mona Lisa. I just don't care. The work speaks for itself. It is a timeless classic because it transcends these little trivialities.

None the less, there is a nice little bit of irony in this whole yellow birck road thing. How long do you think until fans have systematically removed each and every one of these bricks for their private collections?