How to Lose $3.2 Million and Still Win

Added on by Alex Koehne.

It's a little embarrassing having Lada Gaga show up on my blog, but hey, this is not about her!

From Gizmodo: "When Amazon started selling Lady Gaga's album for $0.99 the other day, there was no doubt it would stand to lose millions. The total today, we now know, is about $3.2 million. This was still a good move for Amazon."

Here is a great example of a company using the internet and technology to market in a new way that gets lots of sales for an artist, costs less than traditional advertising and also proves that people are willing to pay for content as long it's reasonably priced. This is an extreme example but I bet a lot of people who wouldn't have bought this album otherwise, did so because it was so cheap.

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