Japan Considering Solar Power for Every Single Building by 2030

Added on by Alex Koehne.

After the recent disaster in Japan, their small carbon footprint goals via nuclear power have been seriously hindered. Being the industrious people they are, a great advancement might come out of the rubble. Instead of investing in new nuclear power plants, there is a growing initiative to put solar panels on every single building throughout the country. This opens up land all over, where power plants used to take up huge swaths of space, and is one of the most environmentally friendly options out there.

With this tech-centric nation spear heading a project like this, two great benefits will come for the rest of us. Better solar tech and cheaper solar tech. I hope this initiative keeps moving forward and that other nations take note. If successful, it could prove to be the proof of concept that our own government needs to look into adopting a similar plan (and that would finally stimy all the misinformation and powerful coal and natural gas lobbyists.) Read more at gizmodo.com.