Go See 'Midnight in Paris'

Added on by Alex Koehne.

'Midnight in Paris' is the latest film by Woody Allen and it is an absolute must see! I haven't particularly liked many of his movies since the 90's - so although I absoultely love many of his early films - I wasn't following this one closely at all. However, I'd heard that it was getting good reviews and a bunch of friends were going to see it so I said, "why not?" I am so glad I did! It is fantastic.

The best thing is to go in not knowing anything. I didn't know the cast, the plot, nothing and I'm really glad that was the case. So don't read any reviews, don't watch the trailer, just go! I was even hesitant to post the poster. If you like film, art, literature and music, you'll love this movie. Unlike many of Allen's recent films, it doesn't take itself too seriously. It is silly, fun, funny and charming. By the end, it even has a nice little bit of profundity. I'll stop there. Just go see it!!!