Bing! The Tobolowsky Files

Added on by Alex Koehne.

I'd been seeing these podcasts every few weeks at /film and never bothered to give them a listen. Then, while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, WTF, Marc Maron interviewed Stephen Tobolowsky and it was a fantastic interview. I decided to start listening to this podcast because of it, and I'm really glad I did.

The podcast is simply Stephen Tobolowsky, a very prolific character actor, telling stories about love, life and working in the entertainment industry. You might remember him as Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day or perhaps you recognize him from one of his other 204 roles. These stories are fantastic. They are often funny, touching, insightful or exciting and are always entertaining.

He is a great story teller and this podcast is well worth giving a chance. I started with the current episode at the time, but soon found myself going back to episode 1. There have been 47 so far and while you can listen to any of them as stand alone stories, they do sometimes build upon earlier stories.