More Mixed Messages From the White House

Added on by Alex Koehne.

Last night I received an email from the 2012 Obama Campaign. Like all emails I get from them (not sure how I ended up on the list. I think I signed some petition at some point...) it basically just boils down to, "donate money to us!"

This email was focused on oil industry lobbyists and how they are trying to maintain tax cuts and incentives.

"These five companies are expert manipulators of the money-for-influence game in Washington that the President is working to change. It's simple math -- they spent more than $145 million last year on nearly 800 lobbyists whose job is to defeat bills like this one. The $4 billion they'll likely get to keep as a result represents a 2,700% return on their investment."

I agree. This is a despicable group of people and I would love to see this practice stopped. Let's get off these fossil fuels by rewarding environmentally and medically safer means of energy production and stop rewarding big oil and gas. Glad Obama thinks so too. Oh, you want some money from me? Tempting.

But then I saw this article in The Los Angeles Times this morning. Obama is going to allow more oil drilling in Alaska and is going to start environmental impact studies of more drilling in the Atlantic. Hypocritical much? Me thinks so. God damn it.

I mean, I get that the president is getting a lot of criticism for the rising gas prices. Dickhead pundits are complaining about how it hurts all Americans and is going to stall the fragile economy that is just starting to be rebuilt. But come on! First of all, there are very direct ties between the state of the economy on oil (hello Middle East, how are you? Unrest you say? Hmm. Any of that have to do with us... and us wanting oil... Hmm.)

However, I think that it's just as important to recognize the importance of making sacrifices. I know, I know. I lead a very comfortable life. It's easy for me to say this shit. But you know, I do go way out of my way to walk, ride my bike and take public transit. The more people do this, the more resources will be diverted into things like public transit and greener car technology. This was the case a few years ago and look what happened to the number of new SUVs being sold.

I could go on and on - in fact, I probably will in a Monday Rant at some point... but for now, Mr. President, let's not tap into my tree hugging nature (pun intended. sorry.) to get my money and then turn around and go back into the fossil fuels pot the next day.

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