Big building project planned around Capitol Records Tower

Added on by Alex Koehne.

More building projects planned for Hollywood according to The Los Angeles Times. Personally, I think this is awesome. They will be designed to highlight the historical and iconic nature of the Capitol Records building, while simultaneously adding more office space, housing and parking to Hollywood.

Los Angeles is starting to really turn into a series of important urban hubs and leaving behind the completely spread out and decentralized situation we have now. The hub concept was actually part of the original designs of the Los Angeles Area but rapid growth and cheap land lead to the city growing out and not up.

With hubs like Hollywood and Downtown, public transit starts to also become much more viable and easy to design. Instead of having to figure out ways of getting everyone from everywhere to everywhere else, this makes it much simpler. The majority of the people will be needing to get to and from the hubs and then from the hubs, you could easily get anywhere else. Rabid lines between hubs (subways!) would connect the city like never before. Traffic would be greatly lessoned as well as air pollution. Win win.

On top of that, the hubs become fun, happening spots. You make a day of it. Get food, go shopping, take in a movie or a show, etc. Hollywood and Downtown were both cesspools not much longer than a decade ago. Now they are starting to become great areas full of culture and activity. I say, keep it up! What do you guys think?